Street Life Committee

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, January 8, 2013 - 7:00pm
Meeting Location: 
Marymount Manhattan College
221 East 71st Street(Second-Third), Regina Peruggi Room
New York, NY


1. Renewal Applications to the Department of Consumer Affairs and/or Department of City Planning for a Sidewalk Cafe:

a. 1465 3rd Ave. Rest. Corp. d/b/a Gael Pub, 1465 Third Avenue (82nd/83rd Streets) – Renewal application for an unenclosed sidewalk café with 5 tables and 10 seats, DCA #1223078. Due date: Jan. 28th

b. 205 East 75th Street, LLC d/b/a Fulton, 205 East 75th Street (Second/Third Avenues) – Renewal application for an unenclosed sidewalk café with 14 tables and 29 seats, DCA #1227438. Due date: Feb. 4th

Did not submit paperwork to the Board Office

c. Kendros, Ltd. d/b/a Highlands Café, 1505 Third Avenue (@ 85th Street) – Renewal application of an enclosed sidewalk café with 8 tables and 16 seats, DCA #1188845, ULURP #N 120010 ECM. Due date: Feb. 1st (Applicant will bring paperwork to the meeting)

d. 352 East 86th Street Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Gracie’s Corner, 352 East 86th St