Get Involved


Each month's Full Board Meeting opens with a Public Session. During the Public Session any member of the public may speak on any topic for up to three minutes. An individual who wishes to speak during the public session must register his/her name and subject with the Secretary of the Board at the start of the meeting. However, the number of speakers on the same subject may be limited at the discretion of the Board Chairperson. Each speaker shall be limited to a period of no more than three minutes unless otherwise permitted to do so by the Board Chairperson. After the close of the Public session, persons who are not members of the Board may address the Board only by selecting a Board Member to ask any questions during the Executive Session.

Each of the 59 Community Boards is comprised of no more than 50 unsalaried members appointed by the Borough President in consultation with the City Council Members of the Board District. Board Members must reside, work or possess a specific interest in the community. Applications for membership are available through the offices of City Council Members or through the Manhattan Borough President's Office.

Public members of Community Board 8 are appointed by the Chairperson after consultation with the appropriate committee chairperson (s). Public members shall be entitled to vote only in committee meetings and their votes shall be recorded separately as "Public Member Votes". If you are interested in being a public member, please mail, fax or e-mail a letter to the Chairperson via the Board 8 Office telling him/her of your interest.